What means engaging us for telling your story, your elopement or your wedding

This is your story, your moment and you are the rockstar! We always try only to do our best to tell your story in our own way, which is not a common way so it’s not good for anyone on Earth.
We always focus on putting your relationship first of every cool camera footage or photo and we need just a little bit of time to craft your film.
What are you looking for your next elopement or wedding? Are you already imagining yourself in a dream dress, simple and unconventional?
And what about the place? Do you love wild and natural scenery or are you considering alternatives such as elegant villas? Will the ceremony be religious, free or civil?
In any case, our approach will always be the same, non-invasive and empathic, because the most important thing of that day is that you can fully enjoy it.
We also provide customized solutions for recording footages and shooting photos in different days and places other than the ones of the wedding day.
So, if you want to organize an unconventional wedding, maybe in circumstances and suggestive environments and you think that our style can fit your tastes, well... we are here for you!


What’s better than a silence in front of unspoiled nature?  The mountains, the seas, the winds have always been elements of inspiration for us and for our stories, maybe because they are places that we frequented a lot when we were young (kids) and that we now resume to appreciate. We have begun to feel a constant need for these elements for more than a year and as soon as possible we like to devote time to hike in nature and discover new places.

Hey! We’re not climbers (not yet! :P), and after 1 hour walking we start thinking about food!

We like to find happiness in small things (yes, like a sandwich and a glass of good wine in front of a mountain) and we try to always be as optimistic as possible, because life is beautiful.

About our business industry

We believe in people, in learning and in sharing.
We think that sharing goals, doubts and successes if a way of growing up together. There are no secrets here! No special cameras or settings, exclusive gears or video-editing tips that we want to keep only for us.
The industry of wedding-elopement-stories cinematographers and photographers needs open minded people who want to change, who like to experiment with new techniques, who are not afraid to share a suggestion because what is new today will be old just tomorrow.
So, let’s just try new things, believe in educational contents (those for free and those for a fee) and remember to be always kind and curious. We are learning day by day, successes after failures and viceversa.
Let’s tell a story together!

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