That's us!

Hi there! we’re Marco and Claudia and we’ve been together for more than 10 years. Since September 2017 we’ve been husband and wife. We live in Milan (don’t worry, very far from the metropolitan chaos of the city centre) in our little and cosy attic. We can actually say that we’ve grown up together: in fact, we first met as children. It wasn’t always easy… as many couples we went through good and bad times. For some years we even fell apart, only to get back together again stronger than before and spend the rest of our lives together. 

We love mountain and we constantly are left breathless in front of nature’s beauty. Our adventures in Iceland and Trentino, that you will hear about later, let us realise that we’d like to live in such a beautiful landscape one day.

Since 2016 we’ve been narrating true and intense love stories with videos and photos.

We love getaways and marriages! Your story and your love are our priority. We want to be discretely complicit of your relationship. We dislike banalities, our services are unconventional and not suited to who is in search of a traditional marriage. It’s because of this that we reach for the top of a mountain, the sea or the hills of Tuscany. Be adventurous and trust us!

Our services do not cover only Italy, but we’re available to work all over Europe or everywhere else in the world. This because we love to go with couples in new and suggestive locations and firmly believe that travelling abroad or to little known countries can enhance curiosity, the willingness to learn and be amazed.

Who’s Claudia?

Claudia is a photographer with a passion for emotional and family photography. She loves babies, cats, dogs and life in general. She is cheerful and loves travelling, chocolate and fine cuisine, especially mom’s. Over the years, she has developed a great attention to the sensitivity and the emotional component of photography and to what a picture can convey over the course of the years. With Andrea, Marco’s brother, she manages the Italian photographic reality “Fotografie per sempre”. This brand is dedicated to photography of pregnant women, babies and family. Some of their pictures have been selected for the “Family Inspiration Photography Award”, a contest organised by the association “Inspiration Photographers”.

Who’s Marco?

Marco is a videographer who loves cinema and video construction. He used to be a basketball player and he’s so proud of this, that he never misses the opportunity to mention it. He likes good music, which he believes to be a powerful means to convey emotions, but he is a failed musician (now he sings only under the shower). He is passionate about Star Wars and the fantasy world more broadly. He is able to get into and delve into any activity that can excite the user. In fact, he always says of himself:
“I have always been passionate about activities capable of moving the seer”
Since 2016, Marco has become attracted to marriage videography and in 2017 he was awarded a prestigious price at the WevIT, a contest organised by Weva, the international association of marriage videographers.
He expresses all his creativity in video building. Transferring emotions is his priority and he does so through cinematic footages inspired to the great classic movies and through the technique known as “Story Telling”.
If you want to impress him, you can do anything, as long as in front of a good pizza!